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Glenn Beck Gets Serious: Birthers ‘Stop With The Damn Birth Certificate!’

In this group, you have communists like Van Jones. You have Medina. Now, I don't think -- she's not a communist, she's not an anarchist, she's really more of a -- this is a woman running for Texas governor. This guy -- what is this guy's name again?

He's a Democrat. He's one of the original birthers. What he's name? Phillip Berg? He was the first birther, or one of the first ones.

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So, you have these people. Then here, you have about -- maybe -- maybe her, about half. And you're never going to get, you're never going to get a conspiracy theory to stop. You're never. BECK: I mean, we got a moon rock, sitting in the Smithsonian, and people don't -- I mean, you're never going to quell a conspiracy theory.

Obama birth certificate 'horrible forgery'

BECK: But, let me tell you this. One of the reasons why he doesn't just come out is because it is so great for him because it immediately marginalizes anybody who says that kind of stuff. It makes them immediately look like they're flat earthers. BECK: Had enough of the mob.

I know I have been trying to get a hold of all the union people at the White House right now, telling them the same thing, I'm tired of the mob.

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Did I just say that out loud? Out of the thousands of protestors, you notice the birther idiot is the only one the media continues to show over and over and over again? Now, they're claiming the GOP has just released their fake angry mobsters to protest. GOP robots, you are now activated. Come alive! BECK: Yeah and it's starting to make the rounds, and I'm telling you, I'm telling you, please, run away from the birther movement. Run away. Let's just -- let's, let's just say, here's the case that people always make: Well it's against the Constitution, you care about the Constitution.

Let's just say we live on another planet where everything is upside down and you're right. Do you really think that that's the most pressing issue today, that that's the one, that's the one that's gonna bring this guy down. That one -- The birther issue.

Employees look back on a wild ride in Unicornland.

It's the biggest waste of time I have ever, ever seen. Let's look at the crazies. This is what I showed you last night. Here's the guy who filed the first birther lawsuit in Pennsylvania. Now, I put Deb Medina up, she's running for governor in Texas.

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But they're there. Deb Medina who is running for governor of Texas is really here, just like Barack Obama is. It's OK. No, no, it wasn't OK when Barack Obama had him over here because this man is dangerous. He hasn't done anything. But he is -- he's not somebody who believes in the republic. He doesn't believe that our system is good; it's just been corrupted and needs to be reset. And these people, no matter who they are, it could be a Republican, it could be George Bush.

Stop With the Damn Birth Certificate!' Beck Delivers Strong Message to Birthers - TheBlaze

It doesn't matter. Lindsey Graham, I don't care who it is. These people must not excuse birthers.

Now, I suppose on the right, you could say we had Timothy McVeigh. But on the left, we've had William Ayers and we have Jeff Jones. These are the Weather Underground bombers. These guys have been excused by politicians -- not just Barack Obama but here in New York. There is no doubt—none—that Obama was born where he says he was, and that he is rightfully President. And other Presidential candidates are not treated this way; the fact that Obama has been is unquestionably due to racism and ethnocentrism.

And it was a dumb thing to do. It was not, however, the kind of thing a birther would do. But it became a national story just the same.

Obama proves presidential legitimacy

Because, simply put, birtherism is great for business. Anger is a great motivator. Political campaigns rake in the money when their supporters are enraged at their opponents; media outlets that lean to one side or the other often do best when their audience is looking for a fight. And birtherism inspires a whole lot of anger on the left.

By my count, over the six days between May 18th, when TPM started covering Bennett, and yesterday, its blogs devoted at least thirteen posts either fully or partly to the story.