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Purposes, principals, guidelines, and procedures for imposing sentences for felony offenses are covered in Chapter of the Ohio Revised Code. The sentence given by the court must comply with the purposes and principles of sentencing set forth in Section With respect to whether the conduct is more serious, the court must weigh the factors under Section In deciding whether the offender is likely to commit future crimes, a court in Columbus, Ohio must weigh the factors under Section Factors that show the person is less likely to commit future crimes are set forth under Section If you are convicted of a felony in Columbus, Ohio, the general rule is that the court must select a definite term from the ranges set forth in Section There are certain offenses that carry indefinite prisons terms, such as aggravated murder, murder, certain sex offenses, human trafficking, and crimes with a sexual motivation.

What Are Some Alternatives To Incarceration In Ohio?

The Ohio Legislature makes prison mandatory for certain types of offenses. Most mandatory prison terms are set forth in Section There are many other offenses, some listed in section The length of the mandatory prison term is usually selected from the range set forth in section For example, if a firearm is used, displayed, brandished, or otherwise indicated and the offense has a firearm specification under Section See Section The presumption can be rebutted by the defense if certain factors are met, and in that case the prosecutor has the right to appeal the sentence.

See Sections For most F-3s, there is no presumption one way or the other, so the judge has discretion to impose prison or probation. For certain types of F-4s and F-5s, it is mandatory that the court sentence the offender to community control probation if:. If you are charged with a drug offense in Columbus, you need to know that Chapter of the Ohio Revised Code identifies and defines Ohio drug crimes. The Ohio Sentencing Commission has published a 2-page Drug Offense Sentencing Guide, which is very helpful in determining potential sentences for each offense. The potential penalties for both Drug Trafficking and Drug Possession are listed based on the quantities of narcotics that are charged in the indictment.

The Sentencing Guide can be found online here.

For persons convicted in Columbus, Ohio, the general rule under Ohio law is that there is a presumption that prison terms be served concurrently meaning at the same time. Many states provide some form of community sentencing or community control, either as a condition of probation or a punishment on its own. Offenders may live in halfway houses now usually called community correctional centers or residential rehabilitation centers.

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This type of sentence usually requires cooperation with treatment programs, curfews, and other strict rules. After a criminal conviction or guilty plea in some cases, judges may sentence the offenders to probation.

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In those cases, the jail or prison sentence is usually suspended as long as the offender meets the conditions of probation. In other cases, offenders will be placed on probation after a period of incarceration or under a deferred sentencing agreement which allows criminal charges to be dismissed after the defendant pleads guilty and then completes probation.

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Traditional probation conditions include reporting to and obeying a probation officer; paying fees, fines, and restitution; keeping a job or going to school; and obeying all laws. But many other alternative sentences may be included as a condition of probation, including:.

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Eligibility requirements for alternative sentencing vary depending on your record, the charges, and where you live. Some programs like drug courts might involve giving up some of the constitutional rights that defendants have in normal criminal proceedings. An experienced criminal defense attorney can explain how local laws apply to your case, as well as the pros and cons of various sentencing alternatives.

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get link Obviously, they are far more limited. However, the Ohio legislator recently revised provisions for non-violent felonies in Many times, courts will be willing to substitute DPI classes, electronic monitoring devices, home detention intervention programs, or installation of ignition interlock systems in place of jail-time for first- and second-time offenders. However, a legal representative may be required to argue on your behalf exactly why these measures may be warranted and more-effective than jail.

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Although Ohio lawmakers recently eased sanctions for non-violent felonies, these types of repeat-violations undoubtedly come with harsh legal penalties and mandatory jail time. Meet with an attorney. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.