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There are approximately 62, people incarcerated in Arizona. The majority 42, are in state prison, 14, are in local jails, 4, are in federal prison, and the rest spread among youth detention centers and other facilities. Everyone serving time in Arizona was found guilty of breaking state or federal laws. Only a small portion 1. Most inmates released from Arizona prison will go back home to family or friends. The federal prison system does offer a reentry program that includes halfway houses for prisoners with substance abuse issues.

These programs help to reintroduce inmates into society with the highest level of success by offering treatment along with supervision. When an inmate serves a portion of their sentence in state or federal prison, the prison board may decide to grant them parole. They are released with specific stipulations and must meet regularly with a parole officer for a term of years.

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This supervisory program is intended to help inmates re-acclimate to society and secure steady work, regular income, and a stable home environment. Arizona also offers other types of release, such as work furlough, home arrest, and emergency parole for specific circumstances. Offenders who commit less serious crimes where the judge does not feel that there is a danger to others may sentence the person to probation rather than prison. What this means is that they are free to work and live but must check-in regularly with a probation officer and may have to satisfy other stipulations set by the court.

Usually, parole is for several years, and during that time, the offender must stay out of trouble, or their probation will be revoked, and they will go directly to prison. Last Name:. City optional :. Databases updated on November 08, Home Inmate Search Arizona.

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Visitations may be denied for the above reasons but not limited to. Legacy Inmate Communications Upon booking all inmates are allowed 1 one booking call.

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Inmates may make collect calls to family and friends through the Inmate Telephone System. To set up and account please contact: Legacy Inmate Communications Valley View Street — Suite Cypress, CA PAYFAM Note: If calls fail to go through to your home phone please call your telephone provider and check if there is a third party block; which is normally used to stop telemarketer phone calls, if this block is not removed calls will not be accepted.

No hand delivered mail will be accepted. All mail is processed through a administration officer and all non-legal mail is subject to inspection, which may delay delivery. No property will be accepted through the mail. NO correctional facility to correctional facility mail will be accepted. Inmates may receive photos 4x6 or smaller. Photos MUST not contain any type of gang affiliation content, sexual content or photos of other inmates.

Here are some facts you need to know. Families and friends who have their loved ones incarcerated can visit them anytime. Though, there are different facts, rules and information to keep note of, before planning to visit them. This state comprises of 5 disparate units to keep the inmates. They have divided the inmates into the five wings, depending upon their violence and offenses. The authority has organized different programs for each unit, with obligatory adult and GDE education, for every prisoner.

They also have programs to aid the alcoholic and narcotic people.

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Prisoners also involve in labor work such as construction, vehicle management and general warehouse work. Eyman Arizona prison comprises of 5 separate units, that is the cook, browning, meadows, running, and SMU unit. Different offenders and prisoners are kept in each unit and how violent their crime is what specifies the unit they should be kept in. It provides basic education offer GDE education, which is equivalent of the high school diploma. Prisoners can work in section of baking and washing.

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Vocational, custodial skills are taught, to have a positive impact on the prisoners, after their release. Florence Arizona prison comprises of 6 units. Every unit covers basic education and GDE courses, except the East wing.

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Programs are initiated for the prisoners, in order to reduce the domestic violence caused by aggressive, impulsive behavior. Along with other vocational programs, different classes of poetry, literature, parenting and art are held, to leave a positive impact on the prisoners. Globe wing and south wing have various vocational programs. The Globe wing also has forestry program for the inmates, while south wing offers fabrication and construction programs.

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Kingman Arizona prison is run under a private company. It has least to medium prisoner custody.

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It does not house violent inmates.