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Registered users on Hiya can also add more details to their profile that will make it easier to identify them. This allows users to directly add contacts they know and trust using Hiya, along with all the details they have shared with the public.

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This is a free app on the App Store, but has in-app purchases for a premium subscription. This is a professional reverse phone lookup app that has slightly different functionality than the apps we spoke about above.

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While it functions in pretty much the same way as Truecaller or Hiya, Phone Lookup Pro comes with the ability to search for numbers and find photos or other data of the person who just contacted you. The app also has an Enhanced Spam Protection system which screens spam, telemarketers or robocalls with pretty decent efficiency.

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The makers of the app claim that this service works for both U. This app has a caveat, however.

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  4. Free users only get 10 number lookups, following which a subscription will be needed. This is a pretty basic but highly effective reverse phone lookup app that can help you search for numbers and get information on the caller instantly. You will get notified about new searches, comments, and phone book updates for your number. In addition, CallerSmart Premium comes with twice as much automatic spam call blocking, and the ability to hide your own reverse lookups from other users.

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    Payment will be handled via your iTunes account inside our app. If you would like to cancel, you must turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours prior to the end of your current subscription via iTunes.

    Best way to screen calls. What a great tool.

    Phone number lookup pro.

    You always know who's calling. Love it!!!!

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    Great to investigate a number that you are not familiar with on kids bill. Highly recommended. We've made a few improvements and fixed some bugs in order to make your experience with our app even better. Any issues, please email feedback callersmart. Great app and an awesome tool for someone who my have been working on building their case for the grounds for divorce and have been to cross check their information about who,what, where ,.

    Then a spouse could possibly be hiding whom they are talking to. I would be very impressed if one could be protected from character assignation and have the ability to create a new and positive character for information about themselves. Thank your, Joseph DiVentura.

    Reverse Phone Lookup

    Hi Joseph, Thanks for your feedback! We're happy to hear that you've found CallerSmart helpful. Hidden fields. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Who called? Who is Truecaller? How to check phone number for free? What is a True caller ID?

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